Supply Request - Sourcing Bulk Hemp & Cannabis

Sourcing hemp & cannabis goods is made easy with the CannTrade Network at your service.


Step 1: Start Supply Request (or Watch)

Click "+Supply Request" to get started.  The request form take just a minute to complete.

Step 2: Get Connected & Receive Offers

As soon as your "Supply Request" goes live you get linked to products and start receiving offers from suppliers.

Step 3: Secure Your Supply

Negotiate, counter, and when the price is right, accepted the offer to secure your supplier. Your order has started, and you can now track its progress.

Need hemp/CBD oil or custom white label products?  Post your request in the hemp market.


Do you need biomass? Create a request and see what the network has to offer.


Whatever your business needs can be found just by posting a request in the industry market.


Over 10 Million in Monthly Active Supply Requests

If your a supplier, get registered ASAP and start responding to buyers today.