CannTrade Network Request or RFP (Request For Proposal) - Sourcing Cannabis & CBD

Create a Request and Receive Multiple Quotes From the CannTrade Network. Only Verified Suppliers can See and Respond To Request (RFP).  Sourcing Cannabis and Sourcing CBD are made easy with the CannTrade Network at your Service.


Step 1: Post Your Network Request (RFP)

Whatever your business needs go ahead and list it. Listings are anonymous until you begin communications with suppliers.

Step 2: Review and Respond to Your Proposals

You are able to decide which proposals that you would like to move to the next step.

Step 3: Introduction
After reviewing the proposals your business is able to request an introduction at which both businesses with be formally introduced.
Step 4: Strike a Deal

Once the businesses are able to come to terms go ahead and add the product to your cart and place the order.  CannTrade service agents are here to assist with the deal flow.

Product Request

Service Request

The CannTrade service request is designed to make your life easier.  Does your business need new packaging or a trim company to come in during harvest time? No problem, just post a request.  From transportation to legal services your business is able to find it here.  No need to search google, filter through the results just to have to contact the business and figure out if they can even help you.  With CannTrade request, our business network is here to serve you.

Product Request

With CannTrade product requests your business is able to find just about anything it needs.  If your unable to find what you’re looking for in the marketplace then just post a request.  Within 24 hours you will be introduced to a network of businesses that would love to work with you.  All of the business on CannTrade have to be approved so you know that you are not wasting any time and can get straight to a deal.

Post Requests In Any Market Category


Sourcing Cannabis Request (RFP)

The CannTrade business network has everything your business needs.  Create a request and see what the network has to offer.

Sourcing Hemp / CBD Request

Need CBD oil or custom white label products?  Post your request in the hemp market.

Industry Request
Whatever your business needs can be found just by posting a request in the industry market.