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B2B Bulk Cannabis Marketplace

CannTrade's wholesale cannabis marketplace connects businesses to the products and services needed to flourish. Join the world's largest cannabis marketplace and access the hub of commerce in the cannabis industry.

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The Business to Business (B2B) Cannabis Market

The Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace

The cannabis marketplace consists of state-regulated cannabis products and is available exclusively to licensees businesses.  To gain access to this market you must register and upload your businesses state licensing information.  In most cases, your business licensing information will already be in the CannTrade database so registration is quick and easy.

B2B Marijuana Marketplace Main Categories:

Flower & Pre-Rolls



Edibles & Drinkables

Tinctures & Orals


Plant Genetics (seeds, clones, tissue propagation)

Other (anything that does not fit in the categories above)

Regulated Cannabis Market

Primary Marketplace Sections

Retail Ready (QA Pass)
These products are packaged, lab tested, and (in most cases) branded. Retail-ready products are compliant and ready for customer consumption. This section is best suited for dispensaries, distributors, and micro-businesses.

Bulk categories consist mainly of flower, concentrates, and biomass in large quantity. Most bulk listings still have to be packaged down, further processed, and lab tested for quality assurance before becoming a "Retail-Ready" product. This section is best suited for distributors and manufacturers.

Whilelabel / Custom
This product category consists of semi-custom & fully custom product offerings. This is great for retailers looking to offer house brand products and manufacturers/distributors interested in additions to a product line.

Regulated Cannabis Market

Hemp / CBD Products Marketplace

The Hemp/CBD product marketplace consist of only Hemp & CBD products and is available nationwide, with access depending on state regulations. For more information on your states Hemp/CBD laws and regulations please contact us at

Regulated Cannabis Market

Industry Support Products Marketplace (Ancillary)

The industry support products marketplace consists of everything that is not Cannabis, Hemp, or CBD.  This market is for everything that cannabis & hemp businesses need to grow, manufacture, and sell cannabis products.  Form product packaging to greenhouses CannTrade is the work's largest resources for cannabis industry support products.