CannTrade Software Updates

CannTrade engineers work around the clock to provide the best possible marijuana business software platform. Read here to learn about the latest features, software updates, and improvements on the CannTrade network.

Update 3.0 “The Hemp Markets Beta Release”
Software Update 3.0 “Hemp Markets Beta Release” Over the past year, the CannTrade development and business teams have been hard
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Displacing the Conversation Page on CannTrade
Platform Update 2.7 “Bulk Sales Conversations”
Software Update 2.7 “Bulk Sales Conversations” CannTrade 2.7 is now live! This update focuses on communications between buyers and suppliers. 
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Update 2.6 “Watches & Supply Request”
Software Update 2.6 “Supply Watches & Supply Request” This release includes the launch of the “Requests Marketplace,” a forum designed
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“Supply Chain Tracking & Account Merging” Update 2.5
“Supply Chain Tracking & Account Merging” Supply Chain Tracking Software Update 2.5 The licensed business database is one of CannTrades most
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Cannabis Marketplace Power-ups – Platform Update 2.4
Cannabis Marketplace Powerups Marketplace Update 2.4 Our wholesale cannabis marketplace shopping experience just got better. The latest CannTrade software update
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“Cannabis Distribution & Fulfillment” Update 2.3
“Cannabis Distribution &  Order Forwarding” Update 2.3   Hi, California cannabis brands and distributors,   We just pushed a CannTrade
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“Feedback Optimizations” Update 2.2
Software Update 2.2 “Feedback Optimizations” The latest update includes several improvements based on user feedback.  Below is a list of
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“UX & UI Upgrade” Update 2.1
“UX & UI Upgrades” Software Update 2.1 The focus for this update was to maximize user experience through the optimization
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