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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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What is CannTrade?

CannTrade is the Everything Business to Business Cannabis Industry Marketplace & More.

CannTrade is like Amazon Meets SalesForces for the Cannabis Industry.

CannTrade is a Digital Tradeshow that Never Ends.

CannTrade is Pure AWESOMENESS.

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Can my business order cannabis product from out of state?

Answers: NO

The CannTrade cannabis market is state regulated and geofenced.  Only licensed cannabis business can access this market and out of state business are not able to purchase products from other states.  Your business can only do business within your state.

Is CannTrade a distributor?

Answer: NO, but CannTrade works with and provides sales tools to Distributors

The CannTrade trading platform is well suited to power the connection and ordering process for distributors of all shapes and sizes.

What does CannTrade cost?

Answer: CannTrade is Free for licensed Cannabis and Hemp businesses.

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What business can use CannTrade?


CannTrade support every business that works in or with the cannabis and hemp industries.  This includes all businesses that process, manufacture, distribute, or retail cannabis and hemp products.  CannTrade also includes all product and service business that support these industries but do not directly touch the plant.  To best understand how CannTrade can power your business signup and get started for Free.