Wholesale Menu and Storefront

Your business can accept orders anytime and anywhere with your own exclusive wholesale menu and storefront.

24/7 Purchasing

Accounts have access to live inventory 24 hours a day. Always know whats available.

Order Forwarding

Automatically forward purchase orders to fulfillment. notify your Inventory Manager or Distributor (or just the people you want), as soon as an order is placed.

Display the wholesale hemp menu visually

Set up your website with a secure wholesale storefront powered by CannTrade’s verified database. Accounts now have 24/7 access to purchase directly from your live inventory. The best part is that you are able to delight current customers with and simple Purchasing Experiance.

Secure Access
Only registered and verfied buyers are able to access your wholesale menu.
Wholesale Account Managment
Your wholesale hemp menu links directly to the ordering and client management tools, so you can manage all of your orders, accounts, and team, in one place.
Sell More with Less

Replace Excel sheet and updated order forms with a sales portal that is always updated.