Cannabis Business Directory Database

Cannabis Business Directory Database

CannTrade works with every state licensing agency to track business licensing information. Our cannabis business directory database is great for confirming licensing information and pinpoint new opportunities.

Access Every Business In Every State
CannTrade works with all state regulatory bodies to maintain always up-to-date license information.
Verify New Business Relationships

Use the CannTrade Database to verify the license information of new business clients.

Know Your Market
Use the CannTrade Database to pinpoint and target opportunities in the market.

Cannabis & Hemp Industry State Licensing Directory Map

Cannabis Business Network Map - Sneak Peak


The map below is an example of CannTrade's powerful "Network Database".

The licensed cannabis business map is just scratching the surface of the CannTrade software platform.  Register today to join the worlds largest network of state-licensed business.  Us the database to better track and service your clients.