Extras - Sales Tool & Valued Added Features

Reactive Design For all Devices

Use CannTrade On the Go Anytime

CannTrade Cannabis CRM and Hemp CRM on Multiple Devices

Account “Find Us” / Targeting Map

Use the CannTrade business network to generate, save and share maps.

Find Us Maps

Generate a map with all the business that sell your products then link, share, or embed it anywhere.

Account Target Maps

Select all the business that you would like to contact and send that map out to your sales team.

Specific Regions Maps

Divide the states and country however you like and place the maps wherever you like

Network Mapping

Business Network Map

Geographical search and organize your clients, distributors, and sales teams

Fulfillment / Distribution

Linking Brands & Distributors in the Cannabis Industry

A seamless wholesale process through Communication & Fulfillment.

Order Forwarding

Automate the pathway to fulfillment by automatically forwarding order to your distribution

Wholesale Menu / Exclusive Storefront

Your Businesses Exclusive Wholesale Storefront

24/7 Purchasing

Accounts always know what’s available by accessing your live inventory 24 hours a day.

Manage Access Securely

Quickly and easily manage who can access your wholesale purchasing portal.

No More Excel Files

Replace Excel sheet and empower order forms with a digital sales portal that is always available.

Your Clients Cann…

Track Order Status Delivery Schedules

Your clients will always be updated on order status and delivery schedules

Cannabis Businesses - CRM

Designed Specifically to Track and Manage Cannabis Product Sales

Hemp / CBD Businesses - CRM

The First Ever Network CRM for the Hemp Industry. Our Platform is your Best Sales Resource

Industry Support Products & Services - CRM

Pinpoint More Opportunity and Organize Your Sale Operations

CannTrade Feature Highlight

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B2B Customer Relationship Managment

Organize and track your sales team as they manage the buyers and sellers that grow your business