Customizable "Find Us" Store Locator and Account Map

Powerful Account Locator Mapping Software with Dual Functionality
Fast and Connected

Loads & filters seamlessly. Pre-loaded with growing pool of thousands of licensed cannabis businesses.

Interactive & Searchable

Patients can filter products to find exactly where to buy & your team can generate leads and develop sales plans.

Fully Automated
Auto-syncs with CannTrade CRM & Wholesale Storefront, the store locator and account maps are always up-to-date.
Step 1:
Select Business Type
Step 2:
Select Businesses & Status
Ready to Link & Share

Why is this map so powerful?

Several features separate our mapping software from the run-of-the-mill solutions. Our map is designed specifically for the cannabis industry and comes pre-networked to thousands of licensed businesses. Because it's synced to your marketplace, wholesales storefront, and CRM, it auto-updates, requiring little to no management. This map is perfect to embed on your website and allows consumers to find your products. But the map is not just for your's also for your team. Our mapping software allows your team to generate & target leads and formulate plans to bolster sales. All-in-all, CannTrade's mapping solution will boost the functionality of your website AND give your sales team a powerful tool to increase efficiency.

CannTrade’s map is Powered by Leaflets so you don’t have to worry about development.