What Is CannTrade?

CannTrade is the Everything Cannabis and Hemp Marketplace & CRM platform.

Our MMJ business software supplies tools to manage & grow your supply chain.
  • Boost your website with an auto-managed Store Locator Map  and  Wholesale Storefront, enabling you to receive orders 24/7.
  • Empower your team with a CRM, allowing them to manage accounts, orders, deliveries, & leads with ease & on any device.
  • Connect to products & services your business needs to grow, including distribution, transport, lab testing, ancillary, & more.
  • Promote your products to buyers through multiple channels. Raise product awareness & educate more potential clients. 
  • Manage compliance documentation from licenses to invoicing & trip manifests to crucial tax reports. CannTrade is compliance. 

Meet The CannTrade Team

Mark Restelli

Former pro football player staving off CTE by running a business.

Adam Holub

Never last in line at the buffet. Ever. All around strange bird.

Drew Harmon

Preeminent in the fields of data correlation and sipping Scotch.

Brian Holub

API Unicron. The guy in the chair. Can almost dunk a basketball.

Pete Caccamo
VP Sales

Almost voted an all-star in his local kickball league.

CannTrade Software Updates

“Cannabis Distribution & Fulfillment” Update 2.3
“Cannabis Distribution &  Order Forwarding” Update 2.3   Hi, California cannabis brands and distributors,   We just pushed a CannTrade
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How To's & Tutorials 

Creating Product Listings – How To’s
How To's Creating Product Listings Creating a product listing is made easy with 3 simple methods.  Users are able to
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Business Quick Start Guide
CannTrade Quick Start Guide:  The step-by-step guide to getting your businesses set-up and ready to go on CannTrade.  Note: the
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Adding Businesses to Your Network – How To’s
How To's Adding Businesses to Your Network   Adding Single or Multiple Businesses is as simple a searching the business
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