HempShow Feature:

Stacey Fujimura of Zing Bar introduces ZBD Bar, a Healthy CBD Infused Edible

The second presenter on the March HempShow was Stacey Fujimura- the National Sales Manager for Zing Bars. Zing specializes in on-the-go snacks and nutrition, offering high protein, delicious bars! Searching for a better way to deliver CBD, Zing partnered with Front Range Foods, a top hemp oil supplier, to develop the ZBD bar!  They now boast three lines of healthy bars: Zing, Keto, and ZBD.

Each bar contains 20 milligrams of premium quality CBD.

HempShow: Legacy Bar Company ZING Introduces CBD:

Mark questions how Zing got into the CBD space as a legacy bar company with a strong product history, and Stacey discusses what motivated the Zing Team to produce CBD bars and improve their customer experience overall! Here is some of what she had to say:

David Ingalls (Zing founder and registered dietician w/ Masters in Nutrition Science) attended several networking groups and events involving CBD food products. As David mulled the idea of using CBD as an ingredient in our bars, we received messages from our customer service line, with Zing consumers requesting that very same thing. As a result, David gathered a team in Boulder to develop a CBD-infused Bar!

The first version had 10 milligrams, but feedback proved it simply wasn't enough, so we upped it to 20 milligrams. We offer unmatched transparency with our products. Zing utilizes a QR code that supplies consumers with certifications and third-party testing for CBD and the other ingredients.

Catch more insights with Marc and Stacey in their full Hempshow Video Below!!

Stacy and Mark discuss other Hemp Industry questions and topics, including:

  • The changing public outlook on CBD and CBD products, 
  • Some of the wholesome organic ingredients that go into ZBD bars bars
  • What type of infusion goes into the products: Broad-spectrum, Full-spectrum, Isolate, etc.
  • And much more! Feel Free to click here for the full video!