HempShow Feature:

Joanna Nuding, Co-founder of MJ Skin, Debuting MJ Relief a CBD Topical:

Joanna is an entrepreneurial cannabis expert and educator based in Oakland, California.

She has 20 years of experience engaging consumers and building brands in professional sports, media, real estate, and concert & lifestyle tours.

Joanna served the cannabis industry and community for five years through her educational entertainment platform, Casually Baked, where she showcases education, research, and the science of contemporary cannabis.

Her weekly Podcast is in its 3rd year and highlights the responsible side of plant medicine through conversations with cannabis scientists and researchers, heritage and regenerative farmers, military veterans, wellness practitioners, and industry leaders. Her work is helping to build the emerging legal cannabis and hemp industries in North America.

Johanna Nuding HempShow Feature

MJ Skin's first new product release MJ Relief

On the show, Joanna delves into some exciting products that MJ skin has in the works, including a scalp formulation and a face serum-with utilizing hemp-based cannabinoids cannabigerol, cannabichromene, as well as other minor cannabinoids that are not yet widely available to consumers!

Joanna’s BFF and MJ Skin product line co-creator, Dr. Monica Vialpando, is the Ph.D. formulation scientist behind MJ skin product development, and it’s her research and scientific expertise that forms the basis for all of MJ Skin’s present and future offerings.

How did Joanna get started in the Cannabis & Hemp Industry and how did that lead to MJ Skin & MJ Relief?

Joanna outlines her journey from the Cannabis Wellness space during a midlife retirement in Bologna, Italy, where she met her best friend and co-creator of MJ skin Dr. Vialpando, who was working on a project focused on poorly water-soluble compounds.

The friendship would later blossom into MJ Skin as they learned & recognized their passion for cannabis, skincare, and aging gracefully.

As a cannabis lifestyle guide, Joanna considers herself the ultimate cannabis consumer. And being in media and production, she is attached to a keyboard and phone, resulting in chronic neck and shoulder pain as well as classic carpal tunnel symptoms.

As somebody who runs a successful cannabis Podcast, Joanna is sent many product samples. Joanna tried everything, but nothing gave her the results she was looking for. So Joanna and Monica set out to create their own.

The CBD Market is Saturated with Topicals.

While there are many hemp-based topical products available to consumers, Joanna and Monica have created something unique to meet their own demands and standards.

Three factors were essential to Joanna and MJ Skin:

First, Joanna wanted something with a pleasant smell. Second, she needed something with great glide,  where a little goes a long way. This is especially important for massage.

The third was it must feel good on the skin. Joanna wanted MJ Skin to glide on and absorb quickly, leaving no sticky or greasy feeling on one's hands.

These were just some of the criteria for MJ Skin when they created it four years ago, producing it initially just for themselves, friends, and family. However, the products were so effective and well-received, Joanna and Monica realized they needed to get them out into the world!

MJ Skin faithfully stands by their product and trusts their topical, MJ Relief, is better than anything you've tried.

A Top Tier Product CBD Topical:

MJ Relief is a completely paraben-free, non-GMO-utilizing CBD product with whole plant ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen explicitly for its anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing, or anti-anxiety benefits.

People that suffer from skin issues know that it can drive you crazy. Finding something cost-effective that works and can be applied often is crucial.

Joanna’s Statement:

Cannabis has been my co-pilot for 20 plus years--even though I’m allergic to it!

I get a runny nose when I smoke it, and typically sneeze. If I get it on my skin (when I'm grinding up the flower) and touch my face, I get breakouts.

So trying out topicals that take MCT oil and put a thousand milligrams of CBD in it? Sure. It'll help with the pain, but overall, that's not helpful for someone like me. I end up itching and having issues with my skin's reaction to the product.

As a solution, we endeavored to have every ingredient in MJ Relief lend to the entourage effect. This means we are able to utilize fewer cannabinoids because I have a symphony of ingredients doing their job.

Not only does this make it better for people with sensitive skin, but allows us to keep the price of a quality product lower for consumers.

I always tell people, get the Full-Spectrum CBD. It's the best, but you have to approach it a little bit differently when you're dealing with skin allergies.

The MJ Skin products are easy and handy to use, with a solid four-year track record. Because of the FDA and the federal trade commission, we can't make any medical claims, but there have been people that have reported MJ Relief helps with:

  • their lupus symptoms.
  • knee replacement recovery
  • pain relief for older people who have had hip replacements or have arthritis.

(We don't make medical claims unless specific trials have been done on products.)

There's a lot of use for these topicals, and I'm just fortunate that I know this works. We've been using it for a long time, and I'm excited to get it to consumers!