Software Update 2.7 “Bulk Sales Conversations”

Software Update 3.0

“Hemp Markets Beta Release”

Over the past year, the CannTrade development and business teams have been hard at work on our Hemp Market  application.  We have been working closely with hemp businesses, including farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and brands (as well as beta users) to better understand the problems they face in the market, so we can provide real world solutions.  The result is CannTrade 3.0, the most comprehensive hemp business platform on the planet.

This is not another Craigslist for Hemp. Instead it is a verified marketplace for hemp buyers and suppliers to connect directly without the hassle and wasted energy of middlemen. Beyond connection, CannTrade provides business tools to pinpoint new leads, track orders, and capture real opportunity.  Lets dive into everything that the new CannTrade 3.0 "Hemp Markets Release" has to offer.  

What's New...

Hemp Markets (Click To Enter) 

  • The Hemp Markets are now available for businesses anywhere in the USA.

Trade Floor (DashBoard)

  • The new CannTrade dashboard is designed to display your most relevant sales and sourcing opportunities.  Immediately identify and connect with businesses who are looking for products like yours!

Buyer Matching

  • We have made some dramatic improvements to the buyer & selling matching.
    • Suppliers can now see how many buyers have been matched to their products and contact them directly
    • Contacting buyers takes less then a minute:
      • Select your product
      • Enter the offer price & quantity you can supply
      • Complete a message to the buyer and click "Submit Offer"

Merchant Processing

  • Hemp businesses can now accept credit cards.
  • Use your current merchant or apply for merchant processing through our partner

Shipping Integration

  • Set up shipping options for your product and
  • Order shipping labels through major partners such as UPS, USPS, & FedEX directly on CannTrade

Order Status Notifications

  • Both the buyers and suppliers will receive order notification updates as order progress
  • Receive updates on package delivery status in real-time

Conversations (formerly messages) -  Contacting Buyers (How To)

  • Track and filter conversation with any number of suppliers and buyers
  • Move through visual stages of negotiations as deals progress and close

Thank you for taking the time to read about update 3.0 and more big things are coming soon so please stay tuned!

Trade Easy,

Mark Restelli 

CannTrade - CEO