How To's

Contacting Buyers & Sending Offers

When listings match a supply request, you can contact the buyer with an offer. Sending an offer is simple and opens up hot sales opportunities.  The steps are detailed below!

CannTrade Tip:  Sending an offer is the first step in creating a relationship with a new buyer, so be sure your offers are detailed and complete. Also, being the first to submit an offer can increase your chances of closing the deal.


Matching or Browsing Supply Requests

Whenever a Request is posted that matches one of your product listings, you will be notified and the information will be available on your Trade Floor/Dashboard.  Additionally, you can view ALL Requests by heading to the Requests Marketplace.

Below are links to the pages where you can find the active supply requests and your product listing matches.

You must have product listings created in order to receive supply request notifications.  If you would like to learn more, please check out "Creating Product Listings and Bulk Uploads"

Supply Request Offers Form

An offer can be completed in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Select the product(s) that you would like to offer
  • Only active listings can be selected
  • Offers cannot be submitted without a product listing attached
Step 2:  Input the price that you would like to offer the Buyer
  • You can submit the product's listed price or even better, offer a discounted price
Step 3: Input the amount of the Supply Request can you fill
  • You may offer to fill all or part of a Request
Step 4: Send a personal message to the Buyer
  • The message to the buyer is one of the most important and effective ways to land a deal.

Once complete, click "Send" and the buyer will be notified about your offer.





Submitting and Offer Starts a Conversation

Submitted offers can be located in CONVERSATIONS (page). In fact, all communication between you and other buyers/sellers are stored in conversations.

Navigating to the Conversations Page
  • On the left menu bar click "Conversations" to navigate to the page
    • Once on the Conversations page, you can filter between the different conversations
    • Offers that you send or receive will be located under the 'Offers' filter

For more information about please check out the "Conversations" How To's

What to expect after submitting an Offer

  • Your offer will be reviewed by the buyer and responded to within 48 hours (after which time the offer will expire)
  • You can send as many messages and offers as you like to the buyer once she responds to your original offer
  • When offers are accepted, they become Orders. For more information about how this works, please review the "Orders Steps" How To's


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