Business Profile Setup in Registration.

Registration is the first opportunity to set up your Business Profile.

After completing registration, you can access your Business Profile by clicking your Avatar/Name on the right side of the top menu, and then selecting "Business Profile" in the drop-down menu.

This image displays the CannTrade watch & request page

Business Profile Fields

Your Business Profile will take only 3-5 minutes to set up and contains the following fields:

Brand Name (DBA)

  • This is the name that your products are sold under

Brand Tagline

  • Your tagline is displayed right below your Brand Name

Phone Number

  • This number is displayed on your business profile and can be used by buyers to contact you about products


  • This is the email that buyers will use to contact you about orders

Brand Storefront URL (How to Setup)

  • Your Brand URL is your Wholesale Storefront (more info).
  • You can link your Wholesale Storefront to your website and send a link to your store via email so clients can purchase directly 24/7

Brand Details

  • Provide a detailed description of your business so prospective clients can learn about your company

Banner Image

  • The banner image is displayed at the top of your Business Profile
  • Image should be in landscape format and can be cropped to fit properly

Brand Logo

  • Your brand logo is displayed on every product and in other key locations--and is a vital part of your brand image on CannTrade

Social Media

  • You may add social media accounts to help grow your footprint

Hours of Operation

  • Share your business hours

Profile Privacy Setting

  • You have control over who can see & access your profile
This image displays the CannTrade watch & request page
This image displays the CannTrade watch & request page

View Your Business Profile

Preview your business profile to make sure everything looks great and your all set. Depending on your privacy settings, your profile is now visible to the CannTrade business network.

This image displays the CannTrade watch & request form