How To's

Bulk Listing Uploads

Creating product listings on CannTrade can be done one at a time (through the product wizard) or all at the same time via bulk spreadsheet upload.  If your business has a large number of products, bulk uploading is the easiest way to get your products live and matched to buyers. The bulk upload steps are detailed below. Please check out this video to learn more.

Bulk Upload Spreadsheet Templates (click to download)
Spreadsheet Tip: Using our spreadsheet templates below is the best way to ensure your upload is imported correctly.

Cannabis Products Spreadsheet Download

Hemp/CBD Products Spreadsheet Download

Industry Products Spreadsheet Dowmload

CannTrade Tip:  After your bulks listings are uploaded you can review, edit, and add pictures to listings to get them ready for publishing.


Two Options to Create Listings

1. Creating Individual Listings

Please click here to see the Create Product Listings "How To"

2. Uploading Bulk Listings Via Spreadsheet

Let the bulk uploads begin!

Start Your Bulk Listings Upload

  • Click the Product Listings button on the left navigation bar 
  • Click on blue "Upload Products" button

This will open the bulk spreadsheet uploader, where you will select or drag & drop your saved spreadsheet (once it's complete).  Download the appropriate spreadsheet(s) from the choices below.

Cannabis Products Spreadsheet Download 

Hemp/CBD Products Spreadsheet Download

Industry Products Spreadsheet Dowmload

Once you download the spreadsheet(s), open it and save it (title it appropriately). You may need to click a button on the spreadsheet to allow the sheet to be edited.


Preparing Your Spreadsheet

Make sure that you have all the relevant information in your spreadsheet.  If your are using the provided templates just be sure to fill out all of the fields that are relevant to your products. Note that some columns may be left blank, so fill out as many as you can, but don't worry about filling out all  of them.

Spreadsheet Columns

Each column of the spreadsheet displays one specific field. Some columns, such as "Category," are dropdown menus. Other columns require you to input text, dates, numbers, etc.

If you are having trouble and need help please contact us or watch the How To video. 

Let the Mapping Begin

Once your spreadsheet is filled out and saved, it is time to upload it, map your product fields, and import your listings!

  • Select or Drag and Drop the Spreadsheet into the "uploader"
  • If your spreadsheet has a high number of products it may take up to a minute to upload

If you used the provided template, auto-mapping will work instantly and accurately.

  • Click the "auto-map" button on the left side of the mapping page (page displays after uploading a spreadsheet)
  • After the mapping is complete, please review the fields to make sure everything is properly mapped
Manually Mapping

If you notice the fields are not properly mapped, you can drag the fields to the proper titles. (You will not need to do this if you used CannTrade's spreadsheet templates.

When the fields are mapped click "Import"

Preparing Imported Listings to Go Live

After the import is complete, your product listings will display on the "Product Listings" page located on the left menu bar.

Newly imported listings are inactive and ready to be reviewed and published.
Reviewing imported listings
  • Review the information in the listing table to make sure everything was properly mapped
    • Some fields can be quickly edited on the table directly (if necessary)
    • Add a picture to the Listing by clicking the "+" sign to the left of the title
    • Other fields (such as "product description," "bulk discounts," "lab testing results," etc.) can be added/edited by clicking the Title of the product to enter the listing editor
    • Products missing required information cannot be published until the information is supplied
Going Live (Publishing)
  • Select the products that you would like to publish by clicking the box on the left side of the listing table
    • Once selected some option will appear above the listing table. click the "Green Cloud" button to publish

You can also publish products individually by clicking "Save & Publish" at the bottom of the product editor page.

When your listings go live, buyers will be matched and notified instantly.  To learn more about Buyer Matching, click here.