How To's

Creating Supply Requests - Buyer Sourcing

Searching for a specific product? Looking to lock down your supply chain? Create a "Supply Request" and receive offers from verified suppliers that can meet your needs. CannTrade "Supply Requests" are designed for Buyers to pinpoint the products they need and close the deal.

CannTrade Tip:  Create a "Supply Request" for goods you normally purchase to open new options from suppliers and drive down sourcing costs.

Getting Started - Creating a Supply Request

Start by clicking the "+Supply Request" button.  Below are some of the locations that the button can be found.

  • On the top right of the Hemp and Cannabis Marketplace pages
  • Click "Watches & Requests" on the left navigation bar to see your current live requests or create more
  • Click the "Action" button on the top Navigation Bar and scroll down to "+Supply Request"
  • Search product categories within the Marketplace and save your searches to create a "Supply Watch" (a private version of a"Supply Request")
This image displays the CannTrade watch & request page
The "Supply Watch" & "Supply Request" Form 

In creating a Request (or Watch), you will be asked to answer:

What product/service would you like to Watch or Request?
  • Choose the categories that best match what you're looking for.
What is the Product Type?
  • Are you looking for Bulk/Raw Materials, Finished Goods, or White-label Products/Services.
What is the Price Range (min & max) you're looking for per unit?
  • Input your price range & select your unit of measurement.
What are the THC and/or CBD high/low parameters that you require?
  • Input the min & max for each cannabinoid (percentage or mass/weight)
  • You may also specify other cannabinoids/compounds
Would you like Suppliers to send you offers?
  • NO - Creates a private "Supply Watch." This alerts you when new products that meet your parameters are listed on the marketplace, but does not allow suppliers to send you offers.
  • YES - Creates a public "Supply Request."  Suppliers can see your Supply Request & send you relevant offers, often at a price-point below their listing price!
Give your Supply Request (or Supply Watch) a name.
  • Something like "Biomass Sourcing" will help you keep your Requests organized.
Description and Additional Information
  • Dive into more detail about what you need so suppliers can submit accurate offers. More detailed Requests receive higher quality offers!
  • How much do you need?
Order Frequency
  • How often do you need it?
Ready by Date (Starting Date)
  • When would you like to to receive your first order?
Contract Duration
  • How long would you like the Supply Agreement to last?

When complete, click "Save & Publish" and your "Supply Request" will go live!

This image displays the CannTrade watch & request form
This image displays the CannTrade supply request form
This image displays the CannTrade watch & request form
Here's what to expect after creating a Supply Watch or Request
  • Product Matching Notifications
    • Every time a new product that matches your criteria goes live, you will receive a Product Match Notification.
    • You can review the Matches and place orders, submit offers, or just keep watching until something piques your interest.
  • Receiving Offers From Suppliers
    • Once your Supply Request is live, you will be notified when an offer has been made. You can review the offer in "Conversations" or by following the link in the notification email.
    • If you no longer want suppliers to send offers, you can change the "Supply Request" back into a "Supply Watch."


This image displays the CannTrade watch & request form