"Best Practices: Getting Started

This list provides a guide to maximizing CannTrade for your business and answers "what do the most successful businesses on CannTrade do?" We analyzed the 20 most successful businesses on CannTrade to understand how they use the platform to create opportunities and close deals. If you implement these best practices, you are more likely to increase your success within the CannTrade network. 

Setting Expectations

Healthy B2B sales start with connection and relationship building. CannTrade is designed to assist your company in creating connections and maintaining relationships for the future. Similar to building your network on social media platforms such as Linked In or Facebook, you will be building a network of buyers and suppliers on CannTrade. Consistent engagement on the platform (by doing the things listed below) will help you build a strong network of sales connections. Over time, your offerings with be presented to more and more buyers.

Closing deals builds credibility and earns further exposure in the network. The best products and services rise to the top, and it is no different in the CannTrade markets. Complete the "Must Do" checklist and start things off on the right foot.



Must Do List

Step 1: Every business (both buyers and sellers) must be verified to gain access. Once your business is verified and activated, begin below:  

  • Selling: What Do You Offer? (How To Create Listings). Product listings are used to create Buyer Matches and connect your with businesses interested in buying products like yours. 
  • Buying: What Do You Need? (How to Create Request). Create a Request (private or public) for everything your business needs.
    • CannTrade will display relevant products that meet your requirements.
    • Receive notifications the moment new products become available.
    • Public Requests will allow Vendors to reach out to you with offers.
  • Upload Detailed Listings. Complete listings make your products stand out, increasing your buying audience 3-10 x. Always include the following:
    • 2-5 hi-res Product Images/Pictures.
    • Full Title and Product Description.
    • Bulk Discounts if applicable.
    • Additional detail relevant to product category.
  • Ensure Product Pricing and MOQ/MOI
    • Ensure your order minimums are properly configured to avoid confusion and orders that can't be fulfilled.
    • Set up "Samples" and Product Variants if applicable.
  • Add COA's - Lab Testing Results
    • Products with lab results are 5x more likely to get purchased.
    • Add Fulfillment & Payment Details.
  • Complete Your Business Profile: Give Buyers confidence in purchasing from you by letting them know who you are. A detailed business description, mission, logos, etc. will go a long way in making buyers feel more comfortable in forging a relationship.
  • Utilize Your Online Wholesale Menu/Wholesale Store (Wholesale Menu Setup) (Learn More)
    • This Online Storefront/Menu can replace ordering forms and allow your clients to order directly 24/7.
    • When clients purchase form your Menu, they are automatically added to your network and notified of your new product offerings. Your Wholesale Menu will help to improve client engagement.
    • Implementing the Wholesale Menu into your ordering process simplifies the experience for your clients and can significantly increase reorders.
  • Set Up Your Network  (How to Set up Your NetworkAdding the businesses you would like to connect with will help increase your engagements.
    • Similar to social media, if you follow businesses, they are likely to follow you.
    • As your network grows, your listings will become more visible, and your buyers/suppliers network will grow.
  • Adding Multiple Team Members: The most successful businesses on CannTrade have 4+ team members added to their account.
    • You can add unlimited users at no extra cost
    • You can add team members to manage different roles, including inventory management, order fulfillment, sales, etc.

Getting a Great Start

If you completed the "Must Do List"  your business is on the right track. It's now time to grow your network and increase your buying audience. Below are two key factors that will help to increase engagement and build momentum in the markets.

Stay Active & Engaged

    • Log in every day and reach out to active buyers in your network.
    • Keep your product/service listings up-to-date and add new products as soon as they are available.
    • Post Requests (public or private) for products or services you need.
    • Utilize the sales tools (see connections on your Trade Floor to see potential opportunities to buy and sell)

If you need assistance, we're happy to help! Please reach out to us for support, a demo or a training session.

Thank you and Trade Easy,

The CannTrade Team


This image displays the CannTrade watch & request page
This image displays the CannTrade watch & request page