Software Update 2.1 “Cannabis Business Network Upgrade”

Software Update 2.6

“Supply Watches & Supply Request”

This release includes the launch of the “Requests Marketplace,” a forum designed to connect businesses with a ‘demand’ with several options for ‘supply.’ 

Licensed cannabis businesses can create a supply request (or watch) and can specify quantity, price range, and desired transaction terms. Companies capable of meeting those requirements are matched to the Supply Request and can submit offers. The requesting business can then directly connect to the supplier of their choosing.

Receiving an offer on your request starts a conversation (Contacting Buyers - How To) in which you can negotiate, and come to terms on a deal. Sourcing the products or services for your business has never been so easy. Here's how it works.

If your business needs something that it can’t find, create a request and ask the network for what you need:  


Step 1: Create your Supply Watch or Supply Request

(click here to jump to your "Watches & Request" page

  • Once published, the request will then go out to the businesses in the CannTrade Network that are most likely to be able to fill your needs.  

Step 2: Get Matched To Products & Review Offers.  

  • As soon as your Supply Request goes live, you will start to get matched to products that meet your criteria.
  • Additionally, you will begin receiving product offers from businesses that are eager to serve you.
  • Select the products/offers that suit your needs 

Step 3: Connection & Conversation

(click to access your Conversation page)

  • You can select the products/offers and jump right into and order or
  • You can start and conversation and negotiate the pricing or terms

Step 4: Closing the Deal and Creating the Order

(click to access you Orders page)

  • When terms are agreed upon, the deal is struck, and an order is created.  
  • This order is tracked on CannTrade "Orders,"  where your team can view order progress.   


Here's how the Request Matching Algorithm works:  Each Supply Request is evaluated by the CannTrade matching algorithm and directed to businesses that can best serve it. If your business posts a Supply Request for white-label vape cartridges, your request will be viewed by all manufacturers that offer white label vape services on the CannTrade Network.

Businesses looking to supply products and services are able to identify specific supply request criteria so they'll be notified when new posts are published.

The Requests Marketplace is designed to help licensed businesses make direct deals that benefit their businesses. Puts the resources of thousands of businesses, your fingertip, and "Ask the Network!"  


What Else is New?

Business Network

  • Improvements to the database API allow for up to 3x faster loading times for map and network functions.

Wholesale menu

  • Users can now hover over a product and "add to cart" with just a click.
  • The login has been simplified and further connected to the licensing database.


  • Added Roughly 4000 new licensed businesses to the Database.
  • Licensing information updates have increased in frequency.


  • Linked activities will now show up on your calendar

Hundreds of other minor adjustments have been made to optimize your CannTrade experience.    


User Feedback

Special thanks to all CannTrade users that sent in feedback.  The CannTrade team logged several suggestions from users that went directly into the development of Update 2.6.  

We have some unique features, partnerships, and significant announcements lined up for 2019, so stay tuned. This year is going to be a great one for the CannTrade Community.


Thank You & Trade Easy