“Supply Chain Tracking & Account Merging”

Supply Chain Tracking & Account Merging”

Supply Chain Tracking Software Update 2.5

The licensed business database is one of CannTrades most used features. It provides a vital sales tool for generating and tracking leads and verifying business licensing.  Keeping the database current and accurate is no small task and can have some minor shortcomings. The most apparent weakness is the creation of duplicate accounts due to the following reasons:

1st: Duplicates can occur when an organization has multiple licenses, but the business name or DBA is different or slight variations on each license.

2nd: Uploading a spreadsheet can create duplicates if the business name or license number does now match the state's information.

The Canntrade Development team has been working had to fix this inconvenience and has come up with two methods that will remove all duplicate business name within the Wholesale Account Management Database.

1st.  CannTrade’s Merging Argrithyne: 

The First Method functions within CannTrade behind the scenes.  As new account information is added to the CannTrade' Wholesale Relationship Management software the matching algorithm that will look at the business's name, licensing number and address.  Depending on how closely the information matches in each field the accounts will either be merged or flagged for review. A CannTrade data manager will review the flagged reports and decide to join or leave the accounts separate.  Dues to the volume of information and variance in the data this method is impossible to clear up all of the duplicates which bring us to the second Merging Method.

2nd. User merging:

The second method to remove duplicates in managed by you the CannTrade users.  Within the business network, users can merge account just by selecting them and clicking > sales tools > merger accounts.  The two accounts will become one, and no information is lost as it stacks within the newly combined business.

This method cleans up the information that slips through the cracks of the merging algorithm.  As accounts get merged within the business network Wholesale Management software learns to create a higher likelihood rating for duplicate information.  User merging allows the algorithm to get smarter.

The result of this latest CannTrade software update is an excellent business network with superior data management capabilities.

Thank you to all our users, and please keep thine feedback flowing.  You direct what we build so if you have something in mind our team is all ears.

Trade Easy,

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