“Cannabis Marketplace Powerups” Update 2.4

Cannabis Marketplace Powerups

Marketplace Update 2.4

Our wholesale cannabis marketplace shopping experience just got better. The latest CannTrade software update focused on improving the e-commerce buying experience.  The product layout and purchasing process were further simplified, as the development team pinpointed 3 significant areas of attack: Marketplace Design, Dealflow, & Order Processing.


Marketplace Design Upgrades

Cannabis Marketplace - Hemp Marketplace

The product card and page layout were augmented, and the marketplace UI has been reconfigured for a cleaner look. It may not initially appear as if much has changed, but once you start clicking and interacting, the overhaul becomes evident. The Product card layout is now reactive, so your clients can take quick actions to “Add to Cart,” “Connect,” or “Favorite” a product. In addition, the product quick tags (for things like bulk discounts, retail ready and white label/custom will display at the top of the cards.  

In all, approximately ninety changes took effect on the marketplace UI design.  Because we strive to make CannTrade more and more intuitive, major and minor changes should become familiar and improve the overall CannTrade user experience.  


Deal flow: “Bulk Ordering Made Easy”

Nothing beats a simple ordering process. Online marketplace giant Amazon was the first to popularize "one-click" ordering, which has quickly become a massive hit for consumers. While the cannabis industry is too complicated for this type of ordering to be a possibility, the CannTrade platform supplies the next best thing by minimizing the deal flow process to the fewest number of steps while remaining fully compliant. Users can order with just a few simple clicks. After an order is submitted, the CannTrade processing magic takes over.


Order Processing

Once an order is placed on the Canntrade marketplace or wholesale storefront menu, the real fun begins.  Submitting, accepting, and scheduling orders have been made more intuitive. After an order is submitted, the inventory manager is notified to review and accept the order which begins processing and fulfillment. Once an order is accepted, it can be scheduled for delivery or pickup. CannTrade generates turn-by-turn directions for all trip manifests, so your team can pick delivery windows that work best (based on your businesses account preferences). If a distributor (or distributors) fulfills orders for your brand, the distribution forwarding feature is a game changer as it springs into action (click to learn more about distribution forwarding).

Thanks again and keep an eye out for more great things to come from the CannTrade Team.


Trade Easy,



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