Software Update 2.1 “Cannabis Business Network Upgrade”

Cannabis Distribution &  Order Forwarding

Update 2.3


Hi, California cannabis brands and distributors,  

We just pushed a CannTrade update that you and your brands are going to love.  It has never been so easy for a brand to link up its distributor to fulfill orders as they roll in.  Let's explore further.

Now live is several new features, including distributor functionality, order forwarding, and some improvements to your wholesale storefront. Most of these updates are super intuitive, so it won’t change how you are currently using CannTrade.(for instance, there is now a contact form on the wholesale store, where clients can contact you directly for issues such as questions about a product).  However, order forwarding it is a feature that requires some minor configuration.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the new distributor's order forwarding feature and how it works.  

What Does Order Forwarding Do?  

This feature allows your business to assign a specific distributor/fulfillment services to accounts so order information getting forward when the orders are approved.  With one click your distributor gets emailed the purchase order and know everything they need to properly service the account. This feature streamlines the connection between a distributor and the brands it represents.  In addition to forwarding, your business can set up fees and taxes that are applied to these orders. Also, for those of you who self-distribute exclusively, this functionality may not apply for you--fyi.

For more on how to line up this feature please visit click here (Distribution Linking How To’s)

OK! There is also a redesigned look for the storefront, and a few other odds and ends. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot an email to

Software Update 2.1 “Cannabis Business Network Upgrade”

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