Linking Marijuana Distributors / Fulfillment

How To's

This is a truly amazing feature that allows your business to link up one or multiple marijuana distributors to fulfill orders.  It works great for businesses that have in-house sales reps and 3ard party distribution.  You are able to select the sales reps and distributor that are servicing specific accounts and when the orders come in your distribution gets notified.   

CannTrade Note: You can assign both in-house sales reps and marijuana distributors to the same accounts.
Step:1 Setting up Your Marijuana Distributor

Go to the "Account Setting" page located at the bottom of the left navigation menu.

On the settings page select the "Delivery" tab.

Step:2 Click the blue "Add a Distributor" button.

(Tip - in order to add a distributor, they must already in IN your network. If they aren't sure to add them AND to populate their account with contact/address info. Be sure to click the little invoice "document" icons next to the information you want to appear on the invoice under the distributor's section. That icon should turn green when it is selected)

Step:3  Search for the Distributor by biz name, then click on them.

Whatever business you select will not be able to get attached to accounts and the orders they in responsible for fulfilling.

If you have a set % fee for the distributor, you may enter that. If not, you can leave these fields blank. Select any/all contacts you want emailed when an invoice is sent to this distributor. You may also choose internal team members to receive the same invoice by email. Once you've made the selections, click "save."

If you use multiple distributors, you may add your 2nd, 3rd etc. distributors in the same fashion.

Step:4 To assign distributors to the proper accounts

Go to "Business Network" on the left navigation menu.  Once there, filter to the appropriate accounts/businesses. Then use the "select all" checkbox in the top left to select all businesses below.

Click "Sales Tools" > "Assign Distributor" then choose the appropriate distributor for those accounts.

You can also assign marijuana distributors one at a time to individual account by clicking the " + " under this distribution column of the "Business Network" list view. 

You're Done!

NOTE --  You can apply special fulfillment instructions for individual accounts directly on the account (Org View). These instructions will automatically be added to every invoice tied to an order from that account.

To add instructions, simply go into an account from "Business Network" and type in any special instructions in the "Delivery Instructions" field. Just type in, no need to "save."




Sending the Invoice

Invoices are still be generated and sent the same way by selecting the order and clicking on the invoice button.

>Orders -- Select an Order -- Invoice

However, you will now notice a Distributor Column in the grid. If there is a distributor tied to the buyer's account, their distributor will show up there.

Next to the distributor column on the grid is the "Invoice Status" column. This column shows whether or not an invoice has been generated, saved, or sent. If an invoice HAS been sent, you can see when it was sent and to whom, by hovering over the green check mark (which indicates a sent invoice).

Finally, sending an invoice to a distributor is simple.

Simply click on the menu for the order (or the checkbox next to it) and select invoice (or "$" icon)

Click "Send" on the top of the invoice. Then click "forward to [distributor name]" and you're done. You can also note the special instructions (if any have been added to the account) below on the invoice.

If you have any question please ask us by calling or sending a message to  You can also schedule a Training session anytime by clicking the button below.



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