How To's

Setting Up Your Wholesale Menu

Setting up your wholesale menu can be done in minutes yet save your team and client several hours a month.  Clients no longer receive outdated excel spreadsheet and have to send orders to an email inbox.  Just link up the wholesale menu and let the orders pour in.

CannTrade Tip:  Setting product listings to "My Network" will make your wholesale menu the primary place that your products are visible.  Control access to your menu by managing the business that you have added to your network.

Your Wholesale Menu Can Always be Found on the Link & Share Page.

  • To find your wholesale menu click on the "Like & Share" page just below your business name at the top of the left navigations bar.
    • Your wholesale menu information will be located in the middle of the "Link & Share" page.


Setting Up Your Wholesale Menu

Step 1: Creating Your Listings

Without products or services listed your wholesale menu will be blank.

Step 2: Selecting Your URL

Customize your URL to match your brand

  • Go to the "Account Settings" page located at the bottom of the left navigation menu.
  • Select the "Profile" tab at the top of the page.
  • 5 rows down the profile tab you will see the "Brand Storefront URL"
    • Enter your Brands Name Brand Name Here

Step 3: Link & Share you Wholesale Menu Anywhere

Back to the "Link & Share" page, you will find everything you need to get your wholesale menu into the world

Linking to Your Menu 

Take your wholesale Menu URL and place it wherever you like.  Most wholesale links are placed in an easy to access locations on a businesses website.

Tip: Creating a "Wholesale Login Button" on your website is one of the best possible locations you can place your menu so business knows where to order products now.
Double Tip: Your businesses logo at the top of your menu page links directly to your brand website that was entered in on the "Account Settings > Profile" page.  Setting this up properly will ensure that your clients can only navigate between your homepage, wholesale menu and back to your homepage again.


Link your wholesale menu URL directly to promotional emails so business can take action instantly

Tip: Adding an "Order Wholesale Button" to your email will drastically improve clients deal flow.

Badges (Embedding) 

Clicking the badge button on the "Link & Share" page wholesale menu will display some code that can be added to any website which will directly embed the link to your wholesale menu

Badge Code Example:

<div style="height: 50px; width: 50px; display: inline-block; text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img height="40" width="40" src=""></a></div>