How To's

Activities Log

Creating, scheduling, linking, completing, and archiving are just a few of the things that can be down with activities.  This page is all about the How's To's of activated so you know exactly how to best implement the activities feature for your team.

CannTrade Tip:  The "Activities" feature is an extremely powerful tool when team implements it for logging all communications with accounts and team members.  It works great in combination with the Dashboard and Calendar.

Creating an Activity

Activity can be created several ways depending on where you are currently located within the CannTrade Platform.  Below are all the location in which an activity can be created.

1st. An activity can be created anytime by clicking the orange "Quick Action" button on the top right of the menu bar.

2nd. Anytime you see and activities table just clicks the green "+" and that will create an activity.

3ard. Clicking the blank portion on any day of the calendar will create an activity.

Tip: If an activity is created directly on a businesses overview page it will automatically link the business to the activity.



Activity Information - Input

Once an activity is created its time to input information.  Below is explained the activities fields.


  • Select from 4 standard types
    • Call
    • Email
    • Meeting
    • Other


  • Enter a descriptive title for your activity


  • Input any notes related to the activity that are worth remembering


  • Select one of 3 levels or just leave the priority unselected if it's not applicable
    • Low, Medium, and High Priorities

Time and Date

  • This can the past, present, or future and is used to log activities that have already been completed or need to be scheduled

Link To 

  • Who or what would you like this activity attached to?  You can select team members, contacts, businesses or any combination of the bunch


  • If you would like to select one or multiple reminders just go ahead and click the "+Add Reminder" Button
    • This will notify you via email with a reminder about the activity


  • Click the save button when complete and your activity is logged

Mark Complete

  • Any time this has been selected that means the activity is now completed
    • Once saved you will be asked if you would like to schedule a followup related to this activity
Tip: The more activities information that you can log the better you will be able to track your sales in relation to your log.

Activities Control Bar

At the top of each activities table, you will see a control bar.  This manages how you select, filter, complete and achieve activities.

Click the Left Icon to Select

  • This will make several of the control button clickable

Mark Complete


Show My Activities Only

Open the Activites Calendar

Open Filters