Software Update 2.1 “Cannabis Business Network Upgrade”

Software Update 2.2

“Feedback Optimizations”

The latest update includes several improvements based on user feedback.  Below is a list of the changes.  Please keep feedback coming!

Improvements or adjustments were made on all of the following:  

  1. Order scheduled text
  2. Editing/updating an address
  3. Network Search
  4. Selecting main images on products
  5. Tag drop-down is open reactively
  6. 'My Activities' view on the dashboard
  7. Activity date changes
  8. Faster reaction updating info on an account
  9. Allow zero quantity products
  10. Adding variants to bulk upload
  11. Allow users to edit buyer entered orders
  12. Availability date visibility on the wholesale storefront
  13. "Only show "Available" and "Out of Stock" quantity upgrades