How To's

Adding Businesses to Your Network


Adding Single or Multiple Businesses is as simple a searching the business and clicking "Add to Network".  You are also about to select and add multiple businesses all at the same time.  Last, You are able to upload a spreadsheet and populate your business network instantly all at once.  The steps to get you network popping are detailed below

CannTrade Tip: Populating your network with our licensed cannabis and hemp database will keep your network always update.  State licensing information is updated on a weekly basis.

Adding Business to Your Network

  • Go to your business network by clicking it on the left navigation bar
  • Click the Green "+ Add Businesses" button at the top right of the screen

Adding One or Multiple Businesses By Name (Options 1)

  • Type in the businesses name or filter all business with the drop-down filters.
  • Once you have found what you are looking for select the business(es) by clicking the select box to the left.
    • Select all
    • Add a business instantly
    • Select and add specific businesses at the same time
  • Once selected click "+Add businesses to My Network" at the top right of the page

Adding / Creating a New Business by Name (Option 2)

  • Type in the business's name in the search bar
    • If the business does not exist you will be given the option to create and add it
  • Click "Create (businesses name)"

Bulk Business Spreadsheet Upload (Option 3)

  • Click "+ Add Businesses" on the business network screen
  • Select "Upload Businesses" at the top right of the page
  • Click to select or drag and drop your spreadsheet directly onto the page
    • For the best spreadsheet template click here.
  • Configure and confirm your spreadsheet columns
    • This is done by dragging and dropping the specific fields into the proper column category
    • You can also select the "Auto Map" button and the fields will automatically link to the correct columns
    • Be sure to double check that your fields are properly mapped before importing
  • To complete click the green "Import" button

Bulk Network Uploader