How To's

Creating Product Listings & Bulk Uploads

Creating a product listing is made easy with 3 simple methods.  Users are able to post a single product and copy to duplicate listings or upload bulk spreadsheets with just a few clicks.  The steps to get your product listings posted are detailed below.

CannTrade Tip: Product listing can be easily updated and managed once added to CannTrade.  Putting in the time to get your products popping will pay off enormously when you listings get matched to buyers.  For more information check out "How to Make Your Listing Stand Out"

Getting Started - 2 options to create listings

  1. Create Individual Listings

  2. Bulk Listing Uploads

    Bulk listing uploads is not covered in this post.  Please click here to see the "Bulk Listing Uploads" how to's.

Creating Individual Product Listings

  • Go to the "Product Listings"page by clicking it on the left navigation bar 
    • Click on green "Post a Product"

The CannTrade product posting wizard will open and step you thorught the posting process


Complete the Product Posting Wizard

This will step you through a sieres of questions that are quick and painless.  The questions will very depending on the product categories.

  • What type of product are you posting?
    • Select the Department, Categories and Subcategories.
  • How is the product package?
    • Bulk vs branded vs whitelable/custom
  • Product title, discriptions, availability, and variations
    • Be a detailed as possible
    • If your products has multiple flavors, or sizes you can create those variants on each specific listing
  • Upload images
    • 1 images is required for a product listing to go live
    • Listings with 3 or more images are 5x more likely to be purchased than a listing will 1 image
  • Product pricing, quantity, & MOQ
    • You can also set up your taxes and bulk discount here
  • Lab Testing
    • Upload lab testing or link to a URL
    • Products with lab testing are 10x more likely to get purchased
  • Additional Informations 
    • Some more granular questions about your product
  • Activations
    • Be sure to preview your listing before publishing

Buyers will receive a "Product Match" notification the momment your listing gos live!

Duplicating Product Listings (Copy and Modify Option)

  • Select the listing you would like to duplicate by clicking the box to the left of the listing
  • Once the listing(s) have been selected click the duplicate button at the top left of the table
  • Click "Yes" you would like to duplicate this product
  • Once duplicated you are able to further modify the product by clicking the product title and editing the listing
Tip: It is best to duplicate listings that are similar to the products that you would like to list.  In many cases, the products are so similar that all you have to change is the image and product title.

Bulk Uploading a Product Spreadsheet (Bulk Option)

This is covered in more detail in the "Bulk Listings Upload" How To's (click here).  below is a quick outline of the bulk uploading process.

  • Click the blue "Upload Products" button on the product listing page
  • Click to select or drag and drop the spreadsheet into the uploader
  • Map the fields to the proper columns
    • Click the automap button and it will automatically link the fields
    • Or you can drag an drop the fields into their proper columns
    • Be sure to double check the fields before importing
  • Once your fields are properly maps click the green "Import" button
  • After the products have been uploaded you will need to drop and product pictures into the product listings to complete the upload
Tip: The bulk upload method works great for the business that have hundreds of products
Tip: Using the spreadsheets templates found below will make bulk uploading alot faster and more precise