The Everything Cannabis & Hemp Business Marketplace Platform

The Everything Cannabis & Hemp Business Marketplace Platform

CannTrade is the first and worlds largest cannabis and hemp industry marketplace platforms.  Everything cannabis and everything hemp can be found here with just a few clicks.  Join the network today and access this growing industry.

Cannabis Businesses

Free Wholesale Management Tools Designed to Service Your Needs

Hemp / CBD Businesses

Boost Revenue and Manage Orders & Accounts

Industry Support Biz

Access our Business Network and Drive Sales


Licensed Business Database


Business Network



Cannabis Market

The cannabis market is exclusively for state-licensed businesses.  Access every level of the supply chain.

Hemp / CBD Market

Join Hemp & CBD suppliers from all over the US.  Get what you need direct from the source.

Industry Support Market
All products & services that support cannabis & hemp businesses are found here.

Industry Network Request (RFP)

One Request, Multiple Quotes.
Network Request displace on an Ipad
Product Request

What products does your business need?

Service Request

Transportation, marketing, legal, and more...

Track Accounts

Organize, service and manage clients with advanced tools.

Order Management

Fulfill incoming and outgoing orders with a simple and easy to use interface.

Advanced Reporting

The health of your business is all in the data.  Use actionable reports to drive growth.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Design specifically for wholesale cannabis and hemp goods.
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National Licensed Database

Get a sneak peek by checking out the national licensing map.
Cannabis and Hemp Business Licensing Database

Access licensing information to verify buyers and sellers instantly.

60+ State Agencies

The license businessdatabase gives you the latest view of the market.

"What CannTrade is doing is revolutionary to the industry & comes at a critical time..." --Chris Anderson, Redwood Roots

"A CRM that works for cannabis businesses is already huge, but the fact that CannTrade's is automatically synced with the wholesale storefront is unique and powerful. It makes everything easy." --Lawrence Hudson, Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

 "All our order come in via CannTrade through the wholesale menu or our sales team using this platform in the field. It's allowed us to better focus our efforts and grow our business." --Peter Sheldon, HWY Brand

Steamline Wholesale & Create Connections

CannTrade For Cultivators, Manufacturers, & Distributors

Streamline, Connect, & Grow

CannTrade unifies a compliant Marketplace, cannabis-focused CRM, and Industry Database to help your business reach its growth potential.  Access powerful tools to improve sales results... 

Brands dashboard hub displayed on the an Ipad
Cannabiz Specific CRM

Tools needed to manage accounts, orders, & leads with ease, on any device. Power in the hands of your team.

Exclusive Wholesale Storefront

Put your website to work. Let clients purchase from your site 24/7 with your very own Wholesale Storefront.

Custom "Find Us" Map

Dual functioning & auto-updating. Embeddable & responsive. Designed for the cannabis industry.

Quality Brands & Products

Browse, inquire, and sample.

Instant Verification

Upload information & get verified in minutes.

Orders, Scheduling & Reports

Order status updates & live calendar of incoming + outgoing deliveries.

CannTrade for Retailers

Order quality product from top licensed brands in your state, totally free.

Our platform saves businesses an average of 20 hours per month by eliminating the hassle of restocking your inventory. No more emails, phone calls or spreadsheets needed to place an order. Select your brands and products and checkout.

5 minutes to sign up saves hours
CannTrade Hemp CRM Ipad Reports

Steamline Wholesale & Create Connections

CannTrade for Hemp/CBD

The first wholesale platform designed specifically to empower your business

Hemp/CBD businesses gain access to a broad network of buyer and sellers. List products on a fully compliant Marketplace and track sales using a hemp-focused CRM.  Engage your audience by promoting your products & utilize tools to improve your website capabilities.

CannTrade Cannabis CRM and Hemp CRM on Multiple Devices
Your Hemp Storefront

Clients have access to your Wholesale Store 24/7, making purchasing a breeze.

Hemp Business CRM

Tools needed to manage accounts, orders, & leads with ease, on any device.

Industry Network Effect

Communicate, transact and establish relationships with the largest network of licensed hemp businesses.

Supporting Every Product Type

All businesses that supply products and services to the industries of Cannabis and Hemp are supported here.

Requests For Proposals

Respond to RFP's of industry buyers. Grow your business with new and exciting contract opportunities.

Tools Designed for Growth

Utilize the tools that will help drive growth and give your business the advantages it needs in this emerging industry.

Industry Support Businesses (Ancillary)

List products & services on the world's largest marketplace for canna-hemp businesses

CannTrade is the premier platform for getting your products & services in front of industry buyers year round. All businesses are verified so you never waste time sifting for real buyers. Pinpoint & manage your canna-hemp industry connections & generate more leads. Join the digital "Trade Show" that never ends.

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