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9/18/18 “DEA Yes to Canadian Marijuana Drugs “- Headlines
9/18/18 - CannTrade "DEA approves Canadian Marijuana Imports"    US DEA approved Canada’s Tilray Inc.’s request to import marijuana drugs for
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9/17/18 “Coke in Cannabis” – Headlines
9/17/18 - CannTrade "Coke Might Invest in Marijuana"    Coca-cola is thinking of investing in the marijuana industry. Reports have surfaced
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9/14/18 “Judge: 98 Dispensaries Not Yet Closed” – Headlines
9/14/18 - CannTrade "Judge Blocks Closing of 98 Dispensaries"    The state’s closing of 98 dispensaries in Michigan is blocked by
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9/13/18 “Recreational Cannabis Prohibited Under LDS Church” – Headlines
9/13/18 - CannTrade "LDS Church Says No to Fun Cannabis"    Recreational use of cannabis is still prohibited under Mormon’s Word
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9/12/18 “No Dirty Marijuana” – Headlines
9/12/18 - CannTrade "CA says No to Dirty Product"    Legalization prevents dirty marijuana from hitting CA stores. With the mandatory
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