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10/02/18 “Employers Can Lose Case When Firing Employees Using Medical Marijuana” – Headlines
10/02/18 - CannTrade "Employers Lose When Firing MJJ-Using Employees"    Employers might lose in cases for firing employees using medical marijuana.
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10/01/18 “California legislation expunges past marijuana convictions” – Headlines
10/01/18 - CannTrade "California streamlines clearing of marijuana convictions"    California Governor Jerry Brown signed the AB-1793 that streamlined the clearing
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9/28/18 “California Cities to Approve Marijuana Events” – Headlines
9/28/18 - CannTrade "More Marijuana Events to Come in California"    California Governor Jerry Brown signed the AB 2020 bill that
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9/27/18 “Fed Puts Cannabis Drug in Schedule V” – Headlines
9/27/18 - CannTrade "DEA Moves Marijuana Drug to Schedule V"    The Drug Enforcement Administration placed Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived drug in
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9/26/18 “Research Shows Teen Marijuana Use Not Increasing” – Headlines
9/26/18 - CannTrade "Youth Cannabis Use Isn't Increasing"    Youth consumption of marijuana isn’t increasing after state legalization according to a
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9/25/18 “Court Says Yes to Girl Bringing MJJ Drug to School ” – Headlines
9/25/18 - CannTrade "Girl to Bring MJJ Drug to School"    California Court allows a five-year-old girl to bring her cannabis-based
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9/24/18 “FBI Says Marijuana Arrests are Increasing” – Headlines
9/12/18 - CannTrade "Cannabis Arrests on the Rise"    Despite legalization and/or decriminalization, FBI data shows that marijuana arrests are increasing.
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9/21/18 “Northern Mariana Islands Governor Signs Marijuana Bill” – Headlines
9/21/18 - CannTrade "Gov Signs Marijuana Legalization"    Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory, signed
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9/20/18 “More Baby Boomers Use Marijuana” – Headlines
9/20/18 - CannTrade "Study Shows More Baby Boomers Use MJ"    A study shows that cannabis use is common among the
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9/19/18 “NJ includes delivery and smoking lounges”- Headlines
9/19/18 - CannTrade "NJ's weed bill includes smoking lounges and delivery"    New Jersey’s legalization bill includes public smoking lounges and
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