11/08/18 - CannTrade "MJJ Legalization Bill Now In Mexico Senate" 


A marijuana legalization bill is now being introduced in Mexico’s Senate a week after the Supreme Court ruled that marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional. Senator Olga Sanchez Cordero submitted a 26-page bill that would permit citizens 18 and older to use and possess marijuana and grow up to 20 plants at home. Cordero is set to be the interior minister of the country under the president-elect.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board issued a license suspension on North Coast Concentrates. This announcement was made after WSLCB discovered an alleged product diversion by the company. The first diversion was discovered by the Lower Elwha Police when they found dried cannabis flowers that were not represented in the traceability system. WSLCB wants to seek permanent revocation of the retailer’s licenses.

The first dispensary for the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba, Canada is opening up. This is the first for the First Nation in the country. The dispensary is called Meta Cannabis Supply Co. and carries eight strains of marijuana. The profits from the store will be used to pay debts and fund health, recreation, and language revitalization.

Low-level marijuana possession arrests plummet after the cannabis reform bill was enforced in New York. The Drug Policy Alliance released New York’s new crime statistics and found that the numbers went down 97 percent for September 2018 compared to the peak of arrests in September 2010. Earlier this year, marijuana-related arrests were at 1,300 per month. When the action plan was implemented in May this year, arrests dropped to 500 per month. When the police guidelines of not arresting low-level marijuana possessions took effect, it hit a record low of 151 arrests.

The loss of marijuana-friendly Republicans in the midterms could affect the future of cannabis in the 116th Congress. Some of these lawmakers were leaders of the marijuana reform. Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Scott Taylor, Carlos Curbelo, Jason Lewis, and Mike Coffman among the others lost reelection bids. The loss could complicate the efforts of a bipartisan legislation.

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