11/06/18 - CannTrade "Cannabis Use Leads To Complications In Type 1 Diabetes" 


A new research shows that Type 1 Diabetes patients who are cannabis users are more likely to experience complications. These people are at high risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis according to a study published on Monday. Although some studies have shown that marijuana is helpful in treating Type II Diabetes, effects on Type I is not well researched. Although the risk is still not yet established, experts suggest that patients should still be cautious.

Marijuana ballot campaigns for both supporting and opposing camps have raised $12.9 million in pre-election number. With 2018 being the banner year for cannabis ballot initiatives, four states are either legalizing adult-use marijuana or allowing medical cannabis. Missouri, Michigan, Utah, and North Dakota have initiatives for residents to vote on. Among these states, Missouri has the largest funds with $5.4 million dollars because it has three different ballot initiatives.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s president-elect, said that he will honor the decision of the country’s Supreme Court that ruled the marijuana prohibition as unconstitutional. This was the court’s fifth ruling which determines the jurisprudence in favor of cannabis. Odor affirms the court’s decision which would set up Mexico as the next country to fully legalize adult-use of marijuana.

Green Growth Brands, an Ohio-based cannabis retailer, raised CA$30.5 million for the company’s trading debut in Canada this month. This doesn’t include a seed fund CA$85 million in private placement that was raised September. In total, the company already has CA$140 million. The proceeds are to be used for going public and expanding the business in the US.

A study shows that cannabinoids can improve night vision. Researchers from McGill University have seen responsiveness of retinal cells to light with cannabis use. They focused on the retinal cells of animals by applying cannabinoid directly to tadpole eyes and used electrodes to see the changes in retinal nerves. Two other studies that were looking at cultures where there is prevalence in marijuana use have also shown a correlation between night vision and marijuana. This finding could lead to further investigation in developing treatments for eye problems using cannabis.

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