11/05/18 - CannTrade "Fetal Exposure To MJJ Vapor Stunts Mental Development In Rats" 


Rats that were exposed to cannabis while in the womb experience stunted mental development according to a new research. The study was presented at the Society of Neuroscience. Results showed that rats that had fetal exposure to marijuana vapor were unable to maintain and acquire problem-solving strategies. The results only showed a specific issue and not a general learning disability. Further research is still needed.

Oregon’s medical marijuana registrations dip 41 percent. Patients in the state have gone from 59,137 last year to 34,892 this year. The number of medical marijuana growers also plummeted. Both of these declines are due to the red tape in the industry and the state’s prolific recreational cannabis market. Many patients left the $200 annual renewal to their medical ID cards in exchange for a more convenient and low-priced recreational marijuana.

Washington’s home growing advocates are hoping that the upcoming 2019 session would pass a home grow bill for the state. The said bill was passed last year only to stall before the deadlines were met. Washington is the only state that doesn’t allow adults to grow marijuana at home.

Ohio might consider the use of medical marijuana to address opioid addiction. This is seen as a solution to the state’s high overdose death rates last year. The state’s Medical Board is currently accepting petitions for new qualifying conditions until the end of the year. Marijuana products are expected to be available in Ohio in the coming months. Only three states, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, qualify opioid disorder for medical marijuana.

Maine allows marijuana rulemaking consultants to submit applications until November 8 instead of November 1. The consultants will help state agencies in creating regulations for adult-use sales and possession of marijuana. Candidates will be evaluated by their potential impact, services, and experience. The chosen consultant will have until April 30, 2019, to set the rules for adult-use cannabis.

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