10/31/18 - CannTrade "Research: Women More Likely To Be Habitual MJJ Users" 


A meta-study of cannabis found that women are more likely to be habitual marijuana users. A review of research that was published in Frontiers looked into different animals, including humans, and examined marijuana use and the endocannabinoid system in mammals. The researchers compared this to the changes in hormones, behaviors and body systems. They found that risks of cannabis use vary in sexes due to the difference in hormone-driven systems.

MedMen Enterprises, a California-based marijuana company, has filed for a copyright on the word “cannabis” that appears on shirts. The application was filed early October and is a follow-up on the company’s trademarking of their marijuana leaf logo. However, a trademark specialist has noted that the application is a long shot since it’s not stylized.

Walmart Canada is now selling marijuana vaporizers online making it mainstream. It doesn’t come as a surprise as Walmart was reportedly looking for ways to sell cannabis products after Canada’s prohibition. For now, the company carries two vaporizers.

Mexican Supreme Court has issued rulings on separate cases that set a precedent on the ban of marijuana consumption as unconstitutional. This is an expected move as the incoming presidential administration has been mulling over legalization. Two new high court judges followed three similar rulings which make the subject matter a binding precedent and requires the government to amend the policies.

Chief Judge Louis McDonald has ordered the New Mexico Department of Health to approve two medical cannabis dispensaries owned by the state’s largest non-profit operator. New Mexico Top Organics – Ultra Health Inc. already built the two facilities but were denied licenses by the state. However, the district judge said that the regulators have no basis in law to deny the company of its license amendments and future requests should be processed in a “timely and legally compliant manner.”

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