10/30/18 - CannTrade "Canada Struggles with MJJ Black Market" 


Despite the nationwide legalization of marijuana in Canada, the black market still thrives. This problem persists especially with the marijuana shortage the country is experiencing. As of the legalization, Canada’s marijuana black market was estimated to be at $5.3 billion. The government is not eyeing a massive overnight crackdown but a slow transition to the legal market.

House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed the medical benefits of marijuana and the many uses of industrial hemp. During the Kentucky rally in support of Representative Andy Barr, he referred to cannabidiol and how it helps seizures. He also noted how industrial hemp is going to be a big deal for Kentucky agriculture.

Japan and China warn citizens against using marijuana while living or traveling to Canada. Just as Korea issued a warning for its people who might face criminal charges, Japan and China warn its citizens to avoid it. Japan’s consulate issued a statement saying that Japanese laws on marijuana may be applied abroad. However, China didn’t go that far and only encouraged citizens to avoid marijuana for “physical and mental health.”

Democratic leaders from New Jersey are planning to hold a cannabis legalization legislative hearing on November. Senate President Stephen Sweeney said that he has been coordinating with Senator Nicholas Scutari about the issue. Despite the upcoming midterm elections, they are eyeing to set the hearing on November 26. Lawmakers were supposedly planning to make a vote on Monday but had hangups over taxation, the regulatory agency, and prior cannabis convictions.

Michigan Court of Claims Judge Stephen Borrello issued a temporary restraining order that prevents Michigan from closing medical cannabis businesses that don’t have licenses. The order came a day after the state announced that they will be giving cease-and-desist orders on November 1 to businesses that have yet to receive their licenses. This is the fourth time that the licensing deadline has been pushed back. Borello ordered the state regulators to appear in court on November 9 for a hearing.

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