10/29/18 - CannTrade "Koreans To Face Criminal Charges For Smoking Weed" 


Koreans who smoke marijuana in Canada, or in other legal places, would still face criminal charges when they return to their home country. The Korean police have warned that it is still illegal for Koreans to smoke marijuana anywhere else and there won’t be any exception. This announcement has made it clear that the Canadian government can do little to intervene.

Mike Tyson is planning to produce a sitcom based on his life as a marijuana grower. Early filming is said to have been starting at Tyson’s 40-acre marijuana farm. The comedy series will be titled “Rolling With The Punches” and partially based on Tyson’s real life. The former boxer has been working with partners Jay Strommen and Robert Hickman on the farm, including California City Mayor Jennifer Wood.

Some cities in Florida have made the temporary dispensary bans permanent two years after Florida approved medical marijuana. The temporary bans in Pembroke Pines, Tamarac, Margate, Coral Springs, and Boca Raton have become permanent. These cities now join seven other cities with bans. Out of the 64 dispensaries, only 11 have opened in the state.

Two Colorado landowners filed a lawsuit against marijuana cultivator, Rocky Mountain Organics, claiming that marijuana plants have reduced their property value due to its unpleasant odor. The lawsuit was filed by Michael Reilly and Phillis Windy Hope Reilly and is hoping to use the anti-racketeering federal law to target the cannabis company. The plaintiffs argue that growing marijuana is noxious because of the offensive smell. The litigation could have far-reaching effects on the industry.

An unlicensed marijuana retailer in Los Angeles was arrested including its six employees and charged with misdemeanor. One Stop Healers was served with a search warrant by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control and the Division of Investigation – Cannabis Enforcement Unit from Department of Consumer Affairs. More than $2 million of illegal cannabis was seized including flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

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