10/26/18 - CannTrade "Canada Airport Clarifies No Free Weed" 


Pearson International Airport clarifies that marijuana disposal bins are not free weed amidst viral photo. An image of the airport’s cannabis bin has gone viral with the caption “free weed.” However, the airport clarified that anything going inside the container is not coming out. The bins are monitored and emptied by the disposal service and passengers cannot remove anything from it. Bringing marijuana into an international flight is still prohibited so the bins are installed so passengers can dispose of their stash before they leave the country.

Campaigns that aim to legalize marijuana in North Dakota and Michigan received a sizable donation of $50,000 from the Drug Policy Alliance. The financial contribution was received just two weeks before the elections and is equally divided between the two states. The DPA said that moving marijuana legalization in the states will help push for federal reform.

US District Court Judge Michael McShane dismissed a lawsuit filed against Oregon over their legalization of marijuana. The Josephine County Board of Commissioners sued the state contending that the federal law pre-empts the state’s legalization. The judge signed a formal order to dismiss the case saying that a county or a city doesn’t have the standing to sue a state in a federal court.

In the second week of legalization in Canada, there are still problems with marijuana supply. The Canadian marijuana industry is still experiencing a sky-high demand and some businesses are frustrated with the onerous process of getting a license. The process can take 341 days. Growers need to get a cultivation license, grow crops, send them for testing, have its sales software audited, and then submit an application for sales license.

The growing client base of marijuana dispensaries is women and elderly. With the growing acceptance of cannabis legalization, consumers are starting to become more comfortable talking about cannabis. Especially in 2018, dispensaries are seeing more women and elderly coming in. These consumers don’t care about the stigma anymore and are just looking for a product that works.

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