10/10/18 - CannTrade "Fed Calls For Public MJJ Comment" 


FDA calls for public comment on the rescheduling of marijuana and other substances. People can send in their comments through the FDA website or mailed to the agency until October 31. The feds specifically want to hear stories and comments on actual and potential abuse, medical usefulness and the impact of scheduling to medical availability. This was prompted by the World Health Organization’s request for input regarding the possibility of updating international drug treaties.

California provides another round of provisional licenses to marijuana businesses to avoid supply disruptions. This move would allow marijuana companies to continue their operations while both local and state officials are still processing the backlog applications. Businesses can apply for their nonpermanent licenses once their permits expire at the end of the year.

British Columbia in Canada has set final rules for marijuana legalization to prepare for Canada’s Legalization Day. These are for new orders on places to consume marijuana, store licenses, suspension, and fines. Although publicly smoking and vaping cannabis are still prohibited, people with medical prescriptions are exempted.

The Canadian branch of Walmart Inc. is eyeing to enter the legal marijuana market. Just like Coke and other alcohol manufacturers, Walmart is interested in CBD products but is still yet to make a commitment to carrying these products. Although there has been a lot of corporate interest in CBD since Canada announced legalization plans, the said company is the first retailer to consider the marijuana industry.

The US issued a clarification a week before Legalization Day to loosen border policies for workers in Canada’s legal marijuana industry. An earlier policy announcement said that the border officials would prevent Canadian workers in the marijuana industry to enter the US. However, the US Customs and Border Protection released a statement that Canadian workers in the legal marijuana industry coming to the US for reasons unrelated to the industry will generally be admissible.

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