10/09/18 - CannTrade "Teens More Tolerant To MJJ-Using Peers" 


A study shows that youth are becoming more tolerant of their peers who use marijuana. The study was published earlier this month by the Journal of Adolescent Health and categorized teens into tolerant nonusers, intolerant nonusers, experimenters, marijuana enthusiasts, and disapproving users. Although the consumption hasn’t changed, the number of high-schoolers who said that they disapproved cannabis consumption and didn’t use it as well dropped.

Pennsylvania approved marijuana decriminalization in a committee vote on Tuesday.  The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill, 14-9. This aimed to reduce cannabis possession from a third-degree misdemeanor to a summary offense. According to Representative Barry Jozwiak, the sponsor of this legislation, decriminalization would reduce the workload in the court system while saving millions of dollars and allowing the police force to stay on duty.

Aurora Cannabis Inc., a Canadian marijuana company, applied for a listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is the third largest in Canada and is expecting to start trading by the end of October should NYSE approve their application. Aurora is currently listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker ACB.

The medical cannabis market in Illinois is growing after regulations loosen. The state added marijuana as an opioid alternative and also removed criminal background checks for cannabis patient applicants. Growth was seen even before the new rules and the industry is expected to rise further as support over marijuana legalization strengthens.

Two Canadian marijuana companies, Sun Pharma and Bevo, are merging to form Zenabis. This new company is expected to be one of the largest marijuana producers with a 3.5-million-square-foot space for production. This will allow them to provide cannabis to both domestic and international markets easily.

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