10/08/18 - CannTrade "MJJ Support Grew in 2018" 


A new study shows that marijuana legalization support grew this 2018. According to the Pew Research Center, 62 percent of Americans said that cannabis should be legal. The study was conducted in late September and showed a one-point increase since the last poll on October of 2017.

City officials of San Francisco want to make a marijuana oversight committee. Sandra Fewer, the city supervisor, proposed the creation of the San Francisco Cannabis Oversight Committee which will oversee the Office of Cannabis. Once established, the committee would make recommendations and investigate marijuana regulations and give tracking details to marijuana licensees.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he is in favor of reducing the marijuana possession penalties within the state. He suggested during a debate to reduce the punishment for possession of fewer than two ounces of marijuana from 180 days of jail time and $2,000 fine to no jail time and a fine of $500. From a Class B misdemeanor, it would be reduced to a Class C misdemeanor.

Farmers are expecting that the federal legalization of industrial hemp will drive down the prices because of commoditization. Currently, the limited producers of hemp make the industry profitable. However, the possible passing of the 2018 Farm Bill will make the crop into a commodity. Some farmers think that in order to get ahead, growing craft hemp would help.

Pennsylvania legislature is expected to vote on marijuana decriminalization this week. Representative Barry Jozwiak filed a bill that seeks to reduce the misdemeanor to a summary offense. There will be a fine of $300 but no jail time as punishment for first- or second-time offenders. Jozwiak noted that downgrading the offense will have a positive effect on law enforcement.

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