10/04/18 - CannTrade "California MJJ Growers Hopeful Despite Obstacles" 


MJJ growers in California are still optimistic despite the many challenges in the industry. Among the obstacles faced by growers in 2018 are the changing regulations, new testing requirements, price fluctuations, pricey compliance costs, and the unlicensed competitors. Despite these, they are still optimistic about the future.

Utah’s Proposition 2 is abandoned in favor of a new compromise bill, Utah Medical Cannabis Act. This new bill is expected to be passed in early 2019. Although the initiative will still be on the ballots for November, the new measure is said to be definitely enacted after the elections. Legislators said that they are working together with the office of the governor, Utah Medical Association, and religious leaders.

Cannabis-infused edible products, like gummies, hard candies, chocolates, and fruit chews, have to be pulled out from the shelves in Washington. The state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board recently announced that production of such products should stop and producers will require to resubmit their products until the new rules take into effect. This was due to concerns that these products were highly appealing to minors.

Massachusetts approves final licenses to the first two operators of commercial marijuana retailers in the state. The licenses were issued by the Cannabis Control Commission to New England Treatment Access and Cultivate Holdings. Recreational marijuana was legalized in the state in November 2016 and two years after, there still isn’t a place to purchase them.

US Attorney Bob Troyer said that Colorado’s marijuana laws have too many loopholes that can jeopardize public safety. He noted that this is one of the reasons why there needs to be more scrutiny on cannabis sales and enforcement actions on businesses.

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