10/03/18 - CannTrade "White House Drug Office Promises Objective MJJ Study" 


Senator Michael Bennet said that an official from the White House’s drug office has assured that the incoming marijuana policy panel will be objective. This promise came after BuzzFeed reported in August that the panel asked the Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal agencies to provide data that show marijuana negative trends and threats.

Michigan legislators voted to prohibit the possession, sale, and use of marijuana-infused beer, liquor, and drinks. The House voted on Tuesday and the state governor is expected to sign this bill that would officially make Michigan the latest to prohibit such drinks.

A study suggests that cannabis is more harmful to developing teenage brains than alcohol. The research was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry and was done in Quebec, Canada. Although both alcohol and marijuana have negative effects on the cognitive skills, the effects of marijuana are more long-lasting and do not disappear even after they have stopped.

Yellowstone County District Judge Don Harris ruled that Montana Organic Medical Supply’s license was improperly revoked by the state. The district judge reinstated their license this week after the state’s Department of Public Health and Human Services took away their license due to multiple violations under stricter marijuana regulations.

Phoenix City’s Council unanimously voted against a medical marijuana tax that would cost businesses more than $1million a year. The proposed tax only became public last week and was said to have been created in order to balance the city’s budget. After the council killed the proposed tax, marijuana industry officials have agreed to discuss the issue further with the city.

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