10/02/18 - CannTrade "Employers Lose When Firing MJJ-Using Employees" 


Employers might lose in cases for firing employees using medical marijuana. A federal judge ruled over a case in September 2018 where a nursing home rescinded a job offer of a healthcare worker who said she took medical cannabis to deal with car crash effects and whose drug test came positive. US District Judge Jeffrey Meyer in New Haven ruled that Bride Brook Health and Rehabilitation Center discriminated against Katelin Noffsinger based on her marijuana use in violation of the medical marijuana law of Connecticut.

MedMen Enterprises expands into Arizona after acquiring Monarch, a marijuana business operating in Mesa and Scottsdale. MedMen’s deal with WhiteStar Solutions, which is still undisclosed, will be paid in 20% cash and 80% in stock. The company now also has retail operations in New York, Nevada, and California and is trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

A study finds that marijuana legalization doesn’t lead to more impulsive behaviors or problematic cannabis consumption. According to the research, impulsivity and problematic cannabis use were the same in both legal and prohibitive states. Though frequent cannabis consumption is associated with impulsivity, legalization does not lead to an increase of such behavior.

Municipalities in Ohio will vote on a local initiative in November to decriminalize marijuana. This ballot measure will not change the state law but instead send a resounding message to legislators and municipal police to either abide by the will of the voters or not. The marijuana decriminalization will be on the ballots in Fremont, Norwood, Windham, Dayton, Garrettsville, and Oregon.

Both Senate and House lawmakers have yet to decide on the unified 2018 Farm Bill that includes legalizing industrial hemp nationally. This is despite the fact that the previous 2014 Farm Bill has expired on September 30th. The House of Representatives had their recess before the Senate and House unified two versions and a few provisions of the bill. Though core leaders said that they will continue to work through the recess, there is still uncertainty.

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