10/01/18 - CannTrade "California streamlines clearing of marijuana convictions" 


California Governor Jerry Brown signed the AB-1793 that streamlined the clearing of previous marijuana convictions. The state’s Department of Justice will review past cases until July 1, 2019, and around 220,000 cases are expected to be converted or removed. With this new law, advocates said that this gives people hope and an opportunity to reclaim their lives.

The Washington Department of Agriculture wants to increase the industrial hemp licensing fee to $7,500 from $300 in order to cover its regulating costs. However, the department noted the hike could be avoided if there are more growers to share the costs or if the lawmakers continue to subsidize the industry.

Colorado prosecutor, US Attorney Bob Troyer, said that his office may take action against licensed cannabis businesses that use the state law to sell on the black market. He noted that federal enforcement may now shift to the public harm that is caused by licensed cannabis businesses that are either using the state law as a shield or are not complying with it.

The Food and Drug Administration recently concluded that cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have a potential for abuse and meet the criteria for federal control. The Drug Enforcement Administration placed CBD on Schedule V, the least restrictive category based on FDA’s recommendation, due to international treaty obligations. FDA also added that CBD could be removed from the Controlled Substances Act. However, de-scheduling CBD would be a violation of international drug treaties.

Cannabis retailer in Washington faced a second suspension due to the state’s sting operation. Greenway Marijuana’s license is suspended for 15 days and will pay a $2,500 fine for selling to a minor plus a $600 more for letting a minor in a restricted area. An employee from the dispensary sold marijuana pre-rolls to an 18-year-old woman during a compliance check for the Liquor Cannabis Board even when the worker checked the woman’s ID.

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