Software Update 2.1 “Cannabis Business Network Upgrade”

Software Update 2.1

UX & UI Upgrades”

The CannTrade Team is excited about the latest platform updates.  The focus for this update was to maximize our users experience through the optimizations of the CannTrade interface.  Based on feedback from you (our users) we have put together a truly wonderful design by cutting out the unnecessary. There are 2 major points that best explain what to expect with this latest update.  

Make it Simple, But Significant” Don Draper

Platform Simplifications

The CannTrade engineering and design teams took a deep dive into every page, feature, and function of the platform, and began “trimming the fat.” Every line, shadow, box, and button was scrutinized. What remains is a clean design that displays information in a simple and visually appealing manner. Example screenshots are provided below.    

Page & Feature Uniformity

The CannTrade team also investigated redundancies within the platform to ensure that whenever pages have crossover in terms of functionality, the user experience and interaction is uniform. This makes it simpler for users to know exactly how to navigate and use these functions. One example of a common function is data filtering. The Product Listings, Business Network, and Orders pages all allow filtering which now looks and functions in the same manner on each of those pages.  

The CannTrade platform is always improving. To our users -- please keep the feedback coming! CannTrade is here to grow your business and make your life easier. If you have a great idea about how to do that for you, we want to know!

The CannTrade platform has come a long way yet has vastly further to go.  Please keep the feedback come because it is because of you (our users) that the CannTrade team is able to move in the right directions.  Without your feedback we would be lost.

Trade Easy,